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From idea to execution

Your own workspaces

Let your ideas execute faster and more efficiently

To create your own systems for business planning and ideation.

Plan your startup businesses

Make your product planning discuss with your clients so that all the ideas and planning stay in the same place.
Keep in same place

All essential business documents and knowledgebase

In the absence of a niche system, it gets difficult to track all the necessary documents for a business on a daily basis. Therefore, a system like a Own can be very beneficial to you to plan better and execute the plan faster.

Save time on researching business models and plans

Business model canvas is usually used by lean startups. You can just create different plans and compare which one performs better over time after getting feedback from the customers.

Your own Business Model Canvas

It works through the fundamental elements of a business or product, structuring an idea in a coherent way. It allows people to get an understanding of your business and to go through the process of making connections between what your idea is and how to make it into a business.

Quickly and easily define
Communicate a business idea.

Product planning, tasks, business model, swot analysis, notes, calendars, and many more.

SWOT Analysis
A strategic planning technique used to help businesses identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to business competition or project planning. It is sometimes called situational assessment or situational analysis.
Business/Product/Project Plan
When you start setting up a business, the first thing you should consider is a business plan. You must need a proper business plan to have a business bank account. Even venture capitalists, angel investors, and bankers will ask for a Business Plan if you are looking for investment.
Own gives you a central hub to organize all your business planning work. When all information is in one place, executing ideas becomes far easier.
You and your teams can discuss the product /project. It’s very helpful to know who thinks what so that everyone in the team stays on the same page and it saves huge time and resources.
Step 1.

Product Plan

Create, organize all your product plans and collaborate with team members

Step 2.

Business Model

Define and communicate a business idea easily through Business Model Canvas

Step 3.

SWOT Analysis

With your idea, and research in hand that supports it, prepare a SWOT analysis

Step 4.

Business Plan

Finalized the idea, write a business plan as it’s your first step to starting a business

business model canvas

The main building blocks
by your Own.

Key Partners: The strategic relationships your business creates with other companies or people.
Value Proposition: The fundamental need that your company is trying to fulfill for its customers. Why your company exists.
Customer Segments: The different groups of customers that your company interacts with.
Key Activities: Activities or tasks that are integral to operating your company.
Customer Relationships: The type of interactions your company has with its customers and the level of support it gives.
Cost Structure: How a company spends money on operations. The key costs and level of cost focus for your company.
Key Resources: Assets that are required to operate and deliver your company’s value proposition.
Channels: Different methods that your company uses to deliver its products and value proposition to customers.
Revenue Streams: Your company’s sources of cash flows.
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